Collene Lamonte

It was an honor to serve the people of the 91st District here in Muskegon County.  I worked tirelessly to reach out to people throughout our community to listen to their concerns and how we can do better for the people here in Michigan.  As your State Representative from 2013-2015, I:

  • Personally spoke with more than 8,000 people by either calling them on the phone or knocking on their front door in order to understand their concerns and listen to their ideas
  • Held over 80 constituent “coffee hours” and town hall/informational forums to be as accessible as possible to the people in our community
  • Sponsored/cosponsored legislation to reverse the new taxes imposed in 2011 by Holly Hughes and Rick Snyder on seniors and families:

o   Repeal the new retirement taxes on pensions and 401(k)s

o   Restore the Homestead Property Tax Exemption

o   Restore the Earned Income Tax Credit

o   Restore the $600 Per Child State Income Tax Credit

  • Introduced legislation to make sure that money designated for the School Aid Fund actually is used for that for preK-12 activities and not diverted for other purposes as has been the case for the last three years.  Our kids deserve better.

Advocating for the hard working people here was the focus of my job serving as your Representative.  I want to see Muskegon County continue growing in jobs and revitalizing our communities.  Our state must do much more for strengthening and supporting our local municipalities and our public schools systems.

I have worked with several businesses in the community helping them connect with state agencies to solve problems.  In one case, I helped a company negotiate a payment plan with the Treasury Department to keep them from going out of business and save 120 jobs in our county.  For another new company opening in Norton Shores, I helped foster better communication with our state agencies and got them back on track to open and bring nearly 200 jobs to our area.